Burstwick Parish Council

Our local school is Burstwick Community Primary school catering for all ages from 3 to 11 years.

The school playing field is shared with the local community to provide facilities for

  • games
  • events
  • play park and equipment for older children
  • a secure area for toddlers and pre-school children

The school playing field/play park areas are subject to the following conditions as monitored by Burstwick Playing Field Committee, ERYC, ER Education Department, School staff and Governors, Burstwick Parish Council, local people and the Police;

  • No drink zone
  • No dogs
  • No motor vehicles
  • No camping or overnight stays
  • All rubbish to be placed in bins provided
  • Respect play equipment
  • Under 5's only in fenced toddler area

The above areas are generally inspected on a daily basis as well as regular weekly, monthly and yearly safety inspections.

Any mis-use of these areas or equipment should be reported to the police on 101 or a written note placed in the village shop suggestion box which will be acted upon, in confidence by Burstwick Parish Council or the police.

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